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PayPal pre paid card


PayPal pre paid card

If I have money in my PayPal balance and I buy a PayPal pre paid card from the store an activate it an link it to my PayPal would I be able to use my PayPal balance funds straight from that PayPal pre paid card or does it not work that way ? Or do i have to withdraw money onto the PayPal pre paid card


Re: PayPal pre paid card

Hi @Professionalcam,


The PayPal Prepaid cards available at stores are temporary cards that can only be used for in store transactions. Users of the temporary cards need to verify their identity, and receive a permanent card, before the ability to transfer funds from a PayPal account into the Prepaid account is enabled.


PayPal also offers the Cash debit card. This card is no cost and there are no monthly fees, but it is not available for Business accounts, so a Personal account would be needed. PayPal Cash debit card users obtain direct deposit account and routing numbers directly linked to the PayPal account itself, so no transfers are necessary.


Here is a PayPal link with details on the Cash debit card.


Here is a PayPal link with details on having more than one account.