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Contributor links not working recently?

The last couple of people I've shared a link with have reported to me that the link isn't working. When they click the link, it results in a 404 error.

I tested it out myself. When I would click the link that I sent, it always seemed to work... but when I tried the same link in Incognito Mode, it resulted in a 404 error as well.

I played around with it a bit. If I omitted the payment amount (example:, the link seemed to work fine, and leads to the screen where the payment amount needs to be entered. However, when I tried to enter the payment amount, like I have always done (example:, it gives me a 404 error.

Has anyone else encountered this? More importantly, does anyone know how to fix it?


Re: links not working recently?

HI there @WesD,


Thanks for reaching out! It seems there may have been a known issue, but it should be resolved by now. If you're still running into some issues, please make sure you report this issue on . Once you're on that page, click Contact us at the bottom of the page, Log in with PayPal, then fill out the information in all the required fields.


Have a great day!

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Re: links not working recently?

Thank you! I'll keep an eye on it, and will report it if the issue persists.