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PayPal a part of illegal activity

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PayPal a part of illegal activity

Due to the policy that buyer pays for shipping back wrong item PayPal is indirectly involved in creating companies who are cheating people. Activity is simple. Marketing a product which in reallity is completely different. Sell for much more money but not more than 50% of shipping costs. This means that buyer is forced to accept 50% money back for wrong item received instead of paying for shipping the same money. Summa summarum is that this company have sold you a product for much more money than what it costs on the market. PayPal does not even accept feedbacks from customer's who feels cheated and stop this kind of activity buy simply changing the policy and force sellers to pay for shipping back wrong delivered items. There it takes stop for me using PayPal in the future.

Re: PayPal a part of illegal activity

What you are describing here could be done on any payment platform.  Not sure why you're singling out PayPal in particular..??


Any account that was doing this would quickly build up a very high dispute rate, which would result in review of the account, and suspension.  Any funds would be held to cover future disputes.


As for the shipping issue, if the seller is not willing to pay for return shipping, you can apply for PayPal to reimburse you for the return shipping.



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