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PayPal Scam


PayPal Scam

Users beware. There is a scam which PayPal is lending itself to and you should be concerned. Here's how it works.

You buy something using PayPal - thinking it add another layer of protection

You never get a tracking number for the shipment.You send notes to the seller but get no reply. 

You file a dispute with PayPal. The seller provides PayPal with a tracking number showing there was delivery to your zipcode

PayPal closes the dispute in favor of the seller

That's it. Done. There's no way to reopen the dispute. Any attempt to contact PayPal is futile. Even when you have documents from the US Post office to prove it was a scam. 


What likely happens

You paid for product, let's say $50

The seller (scammer) sent a 20cent package to someone in your zipcode with a tracking number

That's the tracking number they sent to PayPal to rule in their favor.

Good luck getting PayPal to listen