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Pay in 4 how to pay off the rest in one go?

New Community Member

Pay in 4 how to pay off the rest in one go?

So I bought some rc track at a online store and saw the pay in 4 option. I was curiosa on how it works so I decided to try it out. And then I made a mistake of ordering the second time in full but I was able to get into contact with the seller and got refunded. Now I'm trying to either pay in full or cancel the "Pay in 4" program. If I cancel it, I can just use normal PayPal and not mess with it. If I cant cancel it, I want to pay the rest of it. The issue is that I cant cancel it because the seller info says "Pay in 4" with no contact info. And there is no option to do anything with it as far I can see. The seller told me he only saw my pay in full transaction but has not seen any money from the "Pay in 4" system.


So, how can I cancel the "Pay in 4"(Currently Pending)? Seller has no idea that I opted for that program, but refunded my paid in full payment. I acutalyl meant to only cancel the "Pay in 4" one not the paid in full I sent him.


I was charged 64.75 from the "Pay in 4"


Help please.