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Pay in 3, *no option for pay in 3 at checkout*


Pay in 3, *no option for pay in 3 at checkout*

I feel like a broken record.


Wondering if anybody other than who has been done over by Paypal reads these forums. Where is the help?


Laughable that such a large company offers very little help.


My problem is simple:


Chose pay in three at the checkout and was accepted after checks.

Did not go through with the purchase.

Paypal statement stated money out was pending

Bank statement confirmed paypal took first payment out

Held it for full 72 hours

I am trying once more to use pay in three

Option not appearing at checkout

Same item

Same company

They accept paypal and pay in three


End of : Paypal took my money for 72 hours AND also withhold the service from me that they took the money for.


Anybody with same problem?

Anybody care?