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Pay in 3 : Pending authorisation

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Pay in 3 : Pending authorisation

i tried to purchase this Ipad Keyboard from a refurbished website. Upon checking out it had the option to do the Pay in 3 by paypal. £30 in 3 monthly instalments. Clicked on that and didn’t receive a failed registration message so i thought paypal accepted and my order went through. the actual company website order wasn’t processed the first time. something to do with not writing the right phone number. did it for the second time and got the same error message. at this point, i thought i’d give up cause the website was being funny. I looked at my bank account and paypal has taken £60 off me. Checked my paypal account now i have two of these pending authorisation. Pay in 3 -negative £30.00 PENDING 14 December 2020 Authorisation This is a temporary authorisation to make sure your funding source will cover the payment. Your funding source will be charged when Pay in 3 completes your order. when do i get this money back? I’m guessing my order wasn’t processed. covid-19 is hard times so if it’s more than 30 days then that would suck.

Re: Pay in 3 : Pending authorisation

Did you get this sorted? Same thing has just happened to me for a lot more money and no I’m worrying :(((((