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Pay Pal prepaid.. they just took my money...

New Community Member

Pay Pal prepaid.. they just took my money...



I just sent this email out today (I have omitted some information to keep this from becoming more of a headache than it already is):


I have been waiting for a few months for any kind of response from you about my card.  I purchased this card with $100.00 on it and never had access to the funds.  The card number is <removed> valid thru 03/**.


The phone system is useless to me as this number has been deactivated and at this point Pay Pal has basically stolen the funds on the card.


Please contact me as soon as possible to resolve this issue.




Hans <removed>


Hans anyone else had an issue with this?  I am super frustrated about it and would like to get some answers quickly.  It seems very unlike Pay Pal to rip off its customers like this..