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Pay Pal in 4 Charged Me Twice

New Community Member

Pay Pal in 4 Charged Me Twice

I had decided to try out the pay in 4 plan thinking that it was flexible. I was successfully billed 78.90 for the first payment. However, one of the items the vendor had went out of stock, so he issued me a slight refund. 


I had received an email saying that there were going to be adjustments to my Pay in 4 Plan, due to the refund.


You would think that the Pay in 4 Program would account for this and reconfigure your other three payments.


However, the system that's running this program must be operated by a single brain cell monkey, as you have to start paying from the very first payment again. So I was billed 64.70, and I would have been fine with restarting the 4 payments.


Though, I was NEVER refunded for the first full payment of 78.90.


So effectively I was billed twice, and I can't even open a case with Paypal to talk about this issue.