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Offer for $5 credit

New Community Member

Offer for $5 credit

I have an offer for a $5 credit.


I bought several items on Paypal.  The $5 credit was never used, even though I have it marked to pay on next purchase.


Any ideas of what to do to get this to trigger?


Re: Offer for $5 credit

Hi @dbotez,


I'm sorry to hear that your credit is not applied. Do you have a link to the terms of the offer? If you received the offer in an email or message in your message center, please check for a link to information about that offer. Having that link will allow the community to better assist you.


If you do not have a link for that information, please reach out to customer service to allow a representative to take a look at your account and provide account-specific assistance. 


To contact customer service, please click Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website for available options, or reach out by Facebook or Twitter.


I hope this can be resolved quickly!




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