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Off-shore Support Agents


Off-shore Support Agents


This is the 30,000 foot description for what I need.


I have several IT Support Agents working for me in the US and the Philippines with customers in US, Canada, Australia as well as several others.  Most people in the Philippines do not have bank accounts and as such cannot use Paypal.  So, I am wondering if I might be able to setup a master Paypal account, here in the US, that provides the ability to issue agents unique identifiers which they can use to bill their customers.  Then I could track an agents production and pay the agents weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.


This ability would unimaginably  streamline my processes.  The alternative is to give each a stripe account.  I would really like to use Dwolla but that come with it's own special problems.


Thank You, in advance for any help you might provide.