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No Ability to Add New Payment Account


No Ability to Add New Payment Account

Several weeks ago I tried adding a new payment account to the Synchrony side of Paypal. I charge on the Paypal Cash Back and then pay it off several times  month. I depend on being able to do this online. It's amazing how I get kicked around from one to the other, new numbers, waiting. It makes me so mad I think CV could be no worse than all this.

Back to the "several weeks ago." I only had one pymt account there which was not defunct. I went through the procedure of adding a new account for payments. It went all the way through, taking my creds, showing me the avail account to link, then reported gathering information and then SORRY CANNOT DO THIS AT THIS TIME TRY LATER.  Or something similar. So I call then and I must have gotten lucky. The agent knew how to manually add the new account in from her end. So I was satisfied the the problem still remained if ever I wanted to add another account.

I've talked to voice and chat today and they don't seem to know what I'm up against. They say right away, "Oh, I can take a payment now.!" I told them I didn't want to call in every time I wanted to make a payment. Who want's to wade through all the "becuase of the CV" mess they pass out as excuses. 
So I cannot find anyone to tell my why I cannot add accounts. 

I use up to date Chrome on an up to date PC

Thanks for any suggestions.  jack ":-\\