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Money pool issues - incorrect contribution balance


Money pool issues - incorrect contribution balance

Hi all,


I set up a pp money pool and I have been tracking contributions on a spreadsheet. The balance is incorrect by enough to be concerning. I spent a few hours tracking the contributions individually to determine the same conclusion.


I did receive an email a couple of weeks ago saying that there had been a problem with my money pool which had been fixed with no further info as to what it was.


 I have raised this with pp by web form and by phone and was advised on the latter that it is a known issue that is being worked on as a priority and that I should be resolved in 24 hours.


The email response advised that while there is a known issue I should not have been told a timeline to fix, because there isn't one.


See below:


Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding your money pool enquiry.

Currently the developers are working on resolving this issue I see from reviewing your communications that you were given a time frame. This time frame should not have been given as we do not have a set time frame on this issue at this point in time.

I have reviewed the bug report on this specific query and can see that the developers will be sending out a communication around this error and a solution to resolve this. Please expect further communication around this issue via email.


It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

Yours sincerely,


Has anyone else experienced this and had it fixed and in what timeline? It seems a bit ludicrous that this service is live if these errors are occurring?



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Re: Money pool issues - incorrect contribution balance

Currently having this problem with two of the contributions to my pool. 1 person sent $5 and $3 went to pool. The second person sent $5 and $2.93 went to pool. I don't get it cause all other contributions had no problem.