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Manufacturer from China trying to scam me

New Community Member

Manufacturer from China trying to scam me

This seller is so unprofessional and a scam. I ordered 16 samples boxes and only received some and it wasn’t what I ordered. I tried to report it on paypal and the resolution center isnt replying.


Lash Samples 16 boxes total

.03 in C, CC, D, DD mix trays 7-15mm

.05 in C, CC, D, DD mix trays 7-15mm

.07 in C, CC, D, DD mix trays 7-15mm

.15 in C, CC, D, DD mix trays 7-15mm


I paid 3.50 a box + $25 for shipping for 16 boxes. I'm missing 7 of the ones and none of the ones i got did not 7mm in it. So the items were not as described and they sent me random other boxes I didn't want


They confirmed with me they had what I wanted and then i paid them and now i'm missing 7 boxes and none of them have the length 7mm in it. Now they're trying to make excuses and saying a whole bunch of stuff that doesn't have to do with my order. I wasted my time and money on this company. The whole point of ordering samples is to try them and then decide to make a big order. I can't trust them with such a small order of 16 boxes then i can't trust them with a big order.

They kept arguing with me and made excuses and not addressing why they didn’t send me my correct order. The company kept saying its to test the quality anyway. OK then why did I order 16 boxes of different curls and lengths?? I can't test the quality if they did not send me what I ordered. They told me fine they will send me the rest. I told them no I do not want to work with their company anymore because they are not to be trusted. If i have to argue about 16 boxes of lash boxes not being right how can I trust them with 1000 boxes? They told me to return their boxes and I said okay send me $40 for the shipping and I will mail it back. Now they’re saying I can have it for free. They do not make any sense! Then I told them to send me back all my money back then and they stopped replying.

Also, If they didn't have specific products they should have told me and confirmed with me. I would NOT have ordered from them if they did not have the products I wanted. Because I wanted to try everything at once! It’s not fair to send me random stuff when I paid for specific items. But, then he keeps saying a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t even make sense. This seller is not to be trusted.

I have pictures of everything they said and proof