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I need another new card

New Community Member

I need another new card

I had previously lost my PayPal card therefore I reported it lost/stolen, however I was out of town whenever my new replacement card came in the mail. Once I made it home, it had been thrown in the trash. Now whenever I go to get a new PayPal card my account only gives me the option to activate the card that I first had sent which I don’t have, never had. How do I get a new PayPal card sent to me?

Re: I need another new card

Hi @qqkiGwm,


I'm sorry to hear that the card was thrown away. Which type of card was it? Was it the PayPal Cash Card, the PayPal Debit Mastercard, one of the PayPal credit cards? Once we know which card it was, we can get you the right contact path for reporting the card lost.


Thank you!




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