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I have a question about Moneypool

New Community Member

I have a question about Moneypool

In which countries are allowed to collect money? I have been searching your help page and there is no information on which countries have that option.


I know that Venezuela had that option, because I found out when the news came out that you had to remove that option because of Maduro's government. I have a family abroad and I would like to know if in the countries that are they are available that option to collect money.

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Re: I have a question about Moneypool



There's no specific list I can find. You just need a personal or, where available still, a premiere account and click the "More" circle button located just under the account settings (gear icon) and log out buttons of the Summary page to start a Money Pool, if you see "Create a Money Pool" on the menu list.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂