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I Need Simple


I Need Simple

Hello and HELP!  Oh my gosh. I am overwhelmed, overloaded, overeverything. I am in a little band. We are selling our little CD, and we are accepting virtual tips via Venmo and PayPal. Normally, we'd just do all this a concert venues, but COVID has changed things. So we signed up for a business account. On our social media sites, we directed people to our address, told them how much to pay, and asked for their mailing address. All was well. Then, everything seemed to stop. The link seems to have stopped working. 

Last night, I went to our Bandzoogle band page and tried to set up an online store, where we sold just this one thing-- the CD. I entered the address into the proper places, but nothing is working. The link just no longer works. People are wanting to pay us, and they can't.


In reading the message boards here, I see that you can only link your account to one site. I was using it on social media, and in promotions. Maybe that's what's caused the problem. 

As for the band website, I don't know coding, and I don't want to have to set up some big complicated network of links. We need simple, because we're just musicians and we aren't terribly smart. 🙂  I contacted Bandzoogle and they gave me a few suggestions, but I'm still two steps back. Can someone advise? Basically, I need a link to tell people to go to for payments and tips, and a link to sell the CD online. We've already lost several sales. Thank you in advance.