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HELP! Error creating shipping label/paying


HELP! Error creating shipping label/paying

Please help! I have been waiting for PayPal to message me back for 4 hours! 


I have invoices that I need to create shipping labels for. I have tried to ship them both individually AND in Multi Order shipping. This is what is happening...


Creating individual labels under the invoice info: Error appears after all shipping info has been input & I click the Button for the shipping cost estimate prior to being able to pay.

Message: "Sorry, we're unable to process your request right now. Please try again later. 


Using multi-order : All the shipping estimates are created, they give me a total shipping cost and when I click "Review" at the bottom to pay/get my shipping labels it says "We're Unable to process your request. Please try later."


I have triple checked ALL of the information. Everything is correct. I have my bank, debit card, and enough money in my PayPal balance to cover the cost. I have tried completing this with all of these set as my preferred method of payment.


I have tried on my iMAC, Windows Laptop, and my phone. I have used Safari, Google Chrome, and Explorer to try to complete this action. No luck. 


I have so many paid invoices that I need to ship ASAP, and would really like to figure out what is causing this! Does anyone have any suggestions?!