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Explain Paypal Balance, Mastercard and Paypal Credit


Explain Paypal Balance, Mastercard and Paypal Credit

I may know this but I'm not clear. I have issue to with calling CS and they just say they can't help you go to the online and hang you up. What if your online is not working but you need to talk to someone? Very poor CS. If you are internet down then message, community, text and online is off the table.

Ok, got that behind me.
> PayPal Balance is where you in a sense have money, like a bank? And then use it? You can only use this money with PayPal products like transferring money?
> PayPal Mastercard is the 2% back choice. Can you buy anything from anywhere with this card?
PayPal Credit Card is just another credit card with interest fees' and all that. Can you buy anything anywhere with this card

I'd appreciate any clarity on this. Thanks in advance.  jack  ":-Dx


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