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Ebay Error Message for PayPal Payment

New Community Member

Ebay Error Message for PayPal Payment

I do not understand why PayPal isn't "allowing" my account to be charged to pay for shipping labels. I've tried everything from linking a new PayPal account to unlinking mine and re-linking it back up.


This all started with me trying to unlink my PayPal and linking my husband's to eBay. I got the error message then. So I linked my original one back up: still getting the same error message. I called eBay and spoke with an actual person (woo!), and he told me that it's a PayPal problem. I can't find anything about this particular issue and I've done all I can do. All of the accounts (including my PayPal itself) have plenty of funds available.


Here is the error message on my label printing page: 

Error creating label: We could not complete the payment with PayPal. Please check your PayPal setup, such as funding sources, and try again.


Can someone PLEASE help me before I go nuts?