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Crypto on PayPay

New Community Member

Crypto on PayPay

The Marvel (that would be me) got an email from PayPal congratulating me on being wise enough for signing up for my ability to notice their announcement of buying and selling 4 offerings of crypto. They provided me a link. It refuses to work on my IPad. I switched to my laptop. No luck. Tried logging in both via app on both devices and also from the website. No luck for me.  I tweeted them up to fix it. My next attempt on my IPad took me to the landing page for crypto but the pull down info did not work. I was unable to get to the confirming button. Next time and every other time the link has once again. Does not work.

My question to the community is, “has anyone been succesful yet?”

If yes, what can I do to become successful?


i sent a help email and expect PayPal will answer in a day or so. But just found this community so I thought I would ask a question or two.


Thank you