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Confused about PayPal Business Debit Mastercard in Settings


Confused about PayPal Business Debit Mastercard in Settings

Hi, I have run into some confusion with my Mastercard and any help would be greatly appreciated as Message Centre want me to phone or email which I can't imagine will be very speedy at the moment.


I've had a Mastercard since 2018 with no problems, I've usually paid from my balance but in any case I have automatic top-up on.


 I had a payment declined yesterday so went to check automatic top-up was ok, and noticed 2 things: a) my card is listed twice, under the 'proper' PayPal Debit Card section and under 'ordinary' Cards section as well, and b) the expiry date in PayPal Debit Card section says 09/2021 which is incorrect, it should be 10/21. No idea about this.*


I should have noticed these things before, but anyway. Not sure if the card being listed twice is normal? and if not whether it's causing problems when paying - eg maybe the just 'Cards' version is acting as a version of the card without automatic top-up on?!


Probably glaringly simple, but brain not processing stuff at the moment, thanks for reading.


*edit: should have clarified, the other listing under Cards does say 10/21, so both listings say something different but the card is/always has been 10/21.