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Change Url


Re: Change Url

Thank you for your response - unfortunately it's not really a solution to what is essentially a major flaw in the PayPal's capabilities.  I don't want a business account what I want is the ability to edit the URL so I can use it for something else, ideally multiple uses for different purposes but at the very least to something anodyne instead of the specific one i gave it originally not realising that the functionality of PayPal would be so limited as to not allow me to change it later.


Thank you for your suggestion though.

Change URL

This gets asked a lot! Paypal please take note, there are topics asking for this functionality going back 4 years...

Let us change our URLs this should not be hard.  I'm stuck with one I set up for my wedding, I even called PayPal tech support and talked to a chap who'd set his up as PayPalTest and probably won't work for you forever. It's really silly.