"Something went wrong" when trying to create a QR Code

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Paypal seems to not want my business to get paid in person.

I can not use Zettle, and now when I try to create a QR code, it errors out with "Something went wrong."

I'm unsure how to proceed.

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Hello @ObsydianLLC,


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I am sorry to know that you're having issues while creating a QR code and having issues with Zettle and I understand this can be concerning. As per the details that you have shared, it seems to be a technical issue. In this case, I would recommend you to try some troubleshooting steps such as clearing cache cookies or try using different browser or device to see if that works by following the details in this Help Center Article. 


Regarding the issue with Zettle, kindly contact our concern team directly through the contact details shared in this link


I hope thsi helps,


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