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I sent this letter in for a false claim against me. They now decide the appeal in the buyer's favor leaving me no recorse. Where in the policy does it say PayPal can go against seller terms and conditions? What happened here. Someone please help I do not have $560+ paypal want from me. The sale was good the sale was final. Paypal assured me this would not happen.  

I sold a pre-ordered item to the customer:

“My invoice included the description of the item, a picture of the item, expected shipping times, and clear terms and conditions”.  (Please see Invoice)

There was an issue with the manufacture shipment that delayed initial delivery. I contacted the buyer offered a refund buyer declined the refund and wanted to wait for the next shipment due to ship on July 2nd. (Please see communication between buyer and seller)

This customer harassed me multiple times, by email, by messenger, on the marketplace, and via my website. Verbally threatening and attacking me. I keep her informed and gave her the option to cancel for a refund multiple times before the item shipped as “Refunds are not accepted” as per terms and conditions agreed on in sale disclosure. (Please see Invoice)   

The customer started contacting me again on July 1st, asking if the saddle would ship on the 2nd, I contacted her on the second to inform her the saddle had shipped and I was waiting on tracking info, since it was Friday, I might not get the tracking number till Monday. I provided the FedEx tracking number, yet it had not been updated on their system. The customer continued to harass and threaten and accusing me because FedEx did not update the tracking, even claiming FedEx/PayPal told them it was not an active tracking number. I suggested if they felt concerned, they could file an item not received then it would close when they received the product. (Please see buyer/seller communication)

The package was expected to be in transit 5-7 days, the customer received the item on July 9th within the quoted delivery time also outlined in the invoice (under the same tracking number original tracking number provided). Any damages or defects were to be reported to “me” immediately for a Return Authorization as I must request one from the manufacturer within 3 days to return the item for replacement only. The seller clearly and intentionally neglected to contact me as agreed under the terms and conditions. Clearly outlined in the invoice terms and conditions as well. (Please see Invoice)

PayPal closed the case in my favor as the item had arrived. Then two weeks later reopened the claim by changing the reason and escalated the claim locking me out of seeing what the buyer's claim was or allowing me to respond to the claim. I was first told they claimed the item was not as described, I referenced my invoice as to the item’s description and picture. (Please see invoice)

Without allowing me information nor the time stated to provide documents, PayPal had closed the case in buyers favor informing them to return the product to me.

 Then I was told the item was used or damaged, then was told it was damaged or defective.


 I provided a statement from the Manufacture distributions that all items are shipped new and unused and again, I referenced the terms and conditions in the invoice/sales discloser the buyer agreed to at the time of purchase. (Please see the manufactures document provided, please even contact them if needed) also (Please see invoice for terms and conditions)

At this point, I appealed, and the claim was overturned in my favor. I was told this decision was final and PayPal would not allow them to ship the product back to me for a refund. The buyer shipped the product and now PayPal has reversed the decision again stating I can not have the product and the money. I understand the principle here, yet PayPal allowed them to return the item even after closing the case in my favor in their final decision.

So many things are wrong here, First I was not allowed to know what issues the buyer was claiming so I could not defend myself properly, second PayPal closed the case without allowing me the time to provide documentation Third PayPal allowed the buyer to go “against the sales agreement” and allowed them to return the item “weeks later without a return authorization number as required” and allowed them to ship the item back to an “unattended address” after being closed in “my favor”. Fourth I am expected to eat the cost of this $550+, after being damaged by the customer, returned against the terms and conditions, and in addition, PayPal ignored their own policies and guidelines again to overturn the case in the buyers favor because the buyer returns the item even after overturning it I thought based on the evidence I provided. I do not even know what documents you received as I cannot see case details.

I am still at a great disadvantage as I still do not know the details of the case, please contact me to verify you have all documentation needed as I stop providing documents base on the final decision made in “My” favor. Please someone takes this seriously, I should not be financially punished because PayPal **bleep** up or the buyer force PayPal’s hands by returning the item against PayPal's decision. This is a large sum of money that I am entitled to as I did everything right that I should have and could have in this transaction  

Thank you,

Pleasure <removed>


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