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Unable to cancel a pending payment can anyone help?

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I wanted to buy a digital product and at first decided to use paypal credit. It offered to spread the cost over 3 payments. At first I decided to chose this method but at the last moment when it came to confirm it, I changed my mind and decided to pay it in one amount. However, the 3 payments method is still pending as well and no matter what I try it will not cancel. So I might end up paying twice for this product unless I can find a way of cancelling this pending payment. Following the instructions given by paypal about clicking next to the pending button does not work as nothing happens. Is there another method?


Unable to cancel a pending payment can anyone help?


Hello @ian164,

Welcome to the PayPal Community! We're glad to have you here. If the order status is "Pending," your order has been received by the seller, but your payment has not yet been processed. For most purchases, the seller will complete the payment within a few days of receiving the order. For purchases of goods, many sellers will complete the payment when they are ready to ship your purchase. For some purchases, such as services, rentals, or hotel stays, the seller will complete the payment after your purchase is fully delivered. The status of an order will continue to display as pending until it expires, is completed, or has been voided, which can take up to 30 days. You'll want to contact the merchant to have the pending charges cancelled sooner. I hope this helps you out!


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