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Two factor authorization for online paypal purchases

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My wife has recently fallen for a scam where she was offered free stuff and she only had to pay shipping and handling.  She gave her credit card info for the shipping/handling and over the next few weeks, she had multiple charges for which the bank didn't reverse because there was some fine print that she must have agreed to.  I am trying to find something she can use and thought of PayPal.  Many years ago, AMEX had a card that used a reader that I plugged into my computer.  When I ordered something, it would generate a "one-time" card number for that transaction and the number could not be used for any subsequent charges.  Unfortunately they quit offering the card.  Can PayPal be used for one transaction and could not be used for subsequent transactions unless it was specifically authorized by her, such as some kind of two factor authorization?  Like getting a text asking if she authorizes the later charge. 


Two factor authorization for online paypal purchases


Hello @wiretwister


That's a great question. Here are a couple of articles from our Help Center that might help:

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I hope this helps! 



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