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Synchrony bank won't login for credit payment.

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Anybody else having this issue? When I try to log in from my PayPal account and it goes to switch over to synchrony it keeps giving me a technical air try again later this is a over two week ongoing problem and my first payment will be due in 2 weeks and I'm not trying to be late on it but I can't help it if it won't let me log in. I've done this from different browsers of also done this on different computers and cell phones and it's all giving me the same issue.

Synchrony bank won't login for credit payment.

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Having that problem right now and AM late now. Did you ever find a solution??

Synchrony bank won't login for credit payment.


Hello @subcultures10, @fkgoalie


Welcome! I'm sorry to hear you're running into some issues making a credit payment. If clearing your browser's cache, cookies, and history doesn't work, I'd recommend reaching out to their Customer Support teams for assistance. They can be reached at the number at the bottom of the following FAQ page. 


Good luck!


 - Jon K

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