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Still paying for a returned item, how do I cancel it?

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Good afternoon.

I am paying via PayPal Credit for a mobile phone bought by my son, and shipped to him. It wasn't working correctly and ultimately he sent it back (after being told by Vodaphone that they couldn't accept it in the shop and being given a bag to post it in). He has a proof of posting and has received a text from Vodaphone which confirms it was received by returns. However, I am still paying £31 a month to Vodaphone and cannot speak to anyone real to sort this out and cancel my credit agreement (the shop staff tell us they cannot deal with it). I am currently writing a letter (an actual letter!) to Vodaphone to try and get some sort of acknowledgement so I can end my credit agreement. So my question is: what do I need to actually stop a credit agreement? I have rung PayPal Credit and was just told it was up to me to get proof.......


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