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Ridiculous customer service hours and additional overcharges with paying for service

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So first off the fact that PayPal deems it acceptable to work 12 hours during the week days and have no service on evenings or weekends when they are a 24-hour facilitator of commerce including payments banking like services and other financial instruments they should be ashamed of themselves for making it impossible to get a hold of someone when they inevitably **bleep** up and hold your money hostage and thus force you to spend more of your time energy and sanity to chase after them and make things right when they couldn't be bothered to do so in the first place. This is not an over-exaggeration by any means and I'm actually being very forgiving and light on the matter but I won't go into all of that and the horror stories that I've had including their customer service that hangs up on you put you on hold for an hour goes home after hanging up on you the first time and things like that I will go into however the paying for service that I will advise everyone to audit now as they should look through their account and make sure that they are not like me where they were charged additional payments making their order total significantly higher than what it should be. Unless I miss something I don't believe that paying for somehow change to be paying 6 or 5 or well really anything but four so I'm a little bit miffed as to why I have more than four paid for paying in 4? Whenever you get around to popping into the office PayPal I would love for you to answer why you somehow forgot how to count between one and four and when you're working on doing that perhaps you could also see your way fit to give me the extra money back that you took from my account because last time I checked four is for and 160 is 160 not 200 as you took so how about this since you decided to take extra why don't you give me back extra and deposit back into my account 100 instead of 40 as a convenience fee for putting up with all your nonsense and not coming to kick you in the kneecaps for being a horrible human being and a bad example of when Tech began to ruin the world instead of being harnessed and put in its place we let you guys become incredibly huge and annoying **bleep** that now can really really really be a pain in our collected a******.

Ridiculous customer service hours and additional overcharges with paying for service


I feel your pain I actually hate them.  We are business people and our time is money so trying to get help when things are up the f*** S**** is costing me time. I want to find an alternative to these clowns 

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