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Question regarding sales tax and gross total for sales

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Hi guys, I called paypal and asked this the other day but I am not sure I received the correct info.  The reason I am dubious is I also asked the individual on the phone several other questions regarding could I do this or that on the website, I was told that was not possible, and then minutes later I was able to find, and do what I was looking for.  So I dont know how well informed customer service was.


On to my question.  


Ill use round numbers to make it easy.  


Lets say I sold 1000 items for $10,000, $10 each. 


I sell a $10 item, and then the customer pays $10.70 for the item with sales tax.   Paypal chaged $10.70 or $10,7000 gross with tax.  


Which number is my gross sales for that item?  the $10 that I charged?  or the $10.70 that  paypal charged?  The reason I am asking, is I have hundreds of transactions, I am doing my taxes for 2020 and I do not want to have to add every transaction one by one unless I have to in order to figure out how much sales tax was charged.  


Simply, is the sales tax collected included within the gross dollar total for my sales?



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