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Paypal Credit Payment Plans - Item Not Received

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Hello everyone.


I was going to pay monthly for an item, but as I did not receive it from the merchant. They refunded me. 

But it still shows up on my PayPal Credit home page the payment plan for this item, plus another £5.00 more on top of the monthly installments for this non-existant item!?


I've already filed a dispute, but they couldn't investigate the case further and resolve this. I only have a few days left to pay my first installment, and I don't want to pay installments for an item I don't have.


Paypal Credit Payment Plans - Item Not Received


Hi there @Samb86,


Thank you for joining us on the PayPal Community Forums. When a payment made with PayPal Credit is refunded, the refunded amount is then deducted from the owed amount. However, if a refund was done as a second payment back to the buyer, then the funds would remain owed on the PayPal Credit account. If your payment does show as refunded, but the amount was not credited back to your PayPal Credit account, you will want to contact PayPal customer support for further assistance. You can contact PayPal support by clicking Contact at the bottom of most PayPal pages, and choosing any of the available options.


I hope this helps to clear things up for you, and that you get this resolved in a timely manner.



- Dani
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