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Paying on PayPal credit account

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I try to make a payment on my PayPal credit balance but I always get an error notice saying try later.  I contacted PayPal help and they said keep trying, that it could be my browser or computer.  That is odd since I have no problems with PayPal setting up pay in 4 accounts, etc.  Anyone have this happen to you?


Paying on PayPal credit account


Hello @Kay1997,


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I am sorry to know that you're facing issues while making a payment to PayPal Credit. It is possible that our security system is not letting this transaction go through. Some unusual account activity would have triggered this. This is only temporary. Our internal security system works hard to keep our customer's accounts safe. This is just a security measure that we take to make sure the account is safe. I would suggest you try to attempt the transaction again at a later time and please do not try to attempt simultaneously, as our security system will get triggered and the clock will start from zero, from the time of the next attempt. I appreciate your patience in the meantime.



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