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PayPal pay in 3 not being offered

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I have been using pay in 3 with no issues. But for some reason it is no longer being offered to me - even where the website shows pay in 3 as an option. The only thing that’s I’ve done differently was pay off some pay in 3 plans early last month. Would this cause pay in 3 to no longer be offered to me? Makes no sense. If you don’t want people to be able to pay off early why give the option? How long will I have to wait until I can use pay in 3 again?

PayPal pay in 3 not being offered


Hello @smelloggs,


Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum!


I certainly understand how concerning this can be for you. PayPal Pay in 3 is not available for certain merchants and goods. We may also decide not to offer PayPal Pay in 3 as an option based on our internal checks. You will get a instant decision when you choose the Pay in 3 as an option at the time of check out. Please keep in mind, you may be eligible in the future and are able to checkout using another form of payment.


I hope this helps, have a great day!



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