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PayPal notify-URL not anymore in createBilligAgreementToken requests?

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I use the PayPal API to get Billing Agreements via


Anyhow I wonder where the parameter for the PayPal notification function is now. Recently the request Body looked like this

"description": "Billing Agreement",
"payer": {
"payment_method": "PAYPAL"
"plan": {
"merchant_preferences": {
"return_url": "",
"cancel_url": "",
"notify_url": "",
"accepted_pymt_type": "INSTANT",
"skip_shipping_address": false

However the API looks totally different now. Do I have to switch to a new API now that looks like this:








What happende with the notifiy_url in my actuall calls? Doesn't it exist anymore? How to get callbacks if a customer cancels his BillingAgreement?

Do I have to use the webhooks now?



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