PayPal for Amazon purchases and Gift Cards


You cannot use PayPal for Amazon purchases. Amazon does not accept Paypal. Paypal is the only credit card not connected to a bank. Even if you attempt to try and buy gift cards, you will not be able to with Paypal line of credit. This line of credit they give you is only for companies they sponsor, so essentially you are just buying from where they want you to buy from.  Paypal owns Venmo in case most of you didn't know. You can only use your line of credit for certain things, that's why they so freely give it to you and charge you an astronomical interest rate. It's really not worth having.  They limit the number of retailers you can purchase from and they usually off brand companies.  You get rejected from purchasing certain items, not just gift cards.  They will eventually will come up before a class-action lawsuit.  You just have to do your research and know they aren't doing some things required by law.  I have been researching a lot of the laws regarding this through the Securities Exchange, great source for information on credit card companies and other entities.  If you have any information you would like to give me, place it here please.  I will definitely look into it.

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