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PayPal credit paying back question

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I'm new to how PayPal credit works, I have monthly payment that is direct debited to my bank but does that only withdraw the interest or does it also payback some of the money owed, so if I owed 100 and my minumum payment due was 10, and interest was 2, would it do it both together automatically or would I need to manually pay back what I owe

PayPal credit paying back question


Hi @pandabaird12,


Thank you for your post!


I do understand your concern with this. When setting up a Direct Debit, there are 4 different options available. If you choose to pay the minimum amount, your monthly minimum repayment will be shown in each statement and in the PayPal Credit section of your PayPal account.


Your minimum repayment amount is calculated based on your purchases. When your Direct Debit it charged from your chosen bank account, it will go towards paying off your owed balance. 


For further details, please click here


I hope this helps!


- Rachel 

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