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Pay in 4 Help Please!

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I tried to purchase an iPad on Best Buy using the Pay in 4 options through PayPal. Best Buy declined my purchase, and asked me to use another form of payment. However, PayPal has approved of my Pay in 4 application and now shows TWO identical pending purchases. I have no confirmation from Best Buy that I can purchase the iPad, but PayPal has placed two pending purchases on my account. The iPad is still in the cart on my Best Buy account un-purchased, and there are two pending charges to my bank account, rendering that money effectively useless. Will PayPal continue to take money from my account?


Pay in 4 Help Please!


How do you apply for Pay in 4? There is no information on the Paypal website that I can see,

Pay in 4 Help Please!


Hello @Spoofy01,


Welcome to the PayPal Community! Sorry you're running into some issues finding information on how to apply for Pay in 4. You can normally just choose to pay with PayPal when you shop online and if it’s an eligible transaction, you’ll see Pay in 4 as one of the available payment methods. Simply apply for a Pay in 4 plan in just a few steps, get an instant decision, and finish checking out. Here's a bit more information on Pay in 4 you may find useful:


Questions about Pay in 4 repayments

Questions about your Pay in 4 application


I hope that helps!


 - Jon K

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