I invoiced myself on paypal like I actually send myself a bill n now paypal wants me to pay

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Hi So I was trying mucking around with my PayPal trying to work out why I can’t use pay in 4 anymore Which I never got to work out by the way ? But anyways I ended up paying myself $140 n now PayPal are sending me an invoice from myself my own account n I can’t even pay the $140 to myself because it’s my account n it won’t let me . ? 🤯
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Hello @Christy-04_ 


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I understand you're looking to pay with Pay in 4 option and not seeing the option for your payments would be upsetting! Pay in 4 option is not available for all sellers and goods and PayPal may also decide to not to offer this feature based on the internal verifications. You will be able to see the Pay in 4 at the time of checkout, if it is available for the specific merchant as well as the transaction amount and type. However, rest assured, this type of decision is not final and you may see the Pay in 4 option in the future. You can refer this page for more information Pay in 4 feature.


If it is a test invoice, you can be able to cancel it. Steps to cancel the invoice can be found in this help center article : Can I archive, delete or cancel an invoice?


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