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I can't see my payday credit.

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I can't see my payday credit. I called synchrony bank and they tried to help me link my account but it said that it was linked to another account. I see many people have this issue but PayPal seems to not know and why is the call centre in another country which makes this even MORE frustrating.


I can't see my payday credit.



Hello @denae1982,


Thank you for joining us on the PayPal Community Forums. I'm sorry to hear that you're having such trouble with your PayPal Credit. I can only imagining the frustration you have faced. The good news, is that if the PayPal Credit is linked to a different PayPal account, then PayPal customer support can help disconnect them. Then the PayPal Credit product could be linked to the proper PayPal account.


To reach PayPal customer support, you can click the Contact button at the bottom of any PayPal page, and use any options listed.


I hope this helps you get in touch with PayPal support to get this resolved in a timely manner.


- Dani
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