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How much a customer have to pay when he pauses subscription it in the middle of the billing period ?

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Hi, documentation is a bit blurry about that. Immagine that case:


* userA create a 10€ monthly subscription that starts 01 Jan.

* userA subscription is paused from 15 Jan to 15 Feb

* userA subscription is resumed on 15 Feb

* userA finally cancel subscription on 15 Mar


How much the custommer is billed at each cycle ?


I immagine a thing like:
* 01 Jan, he pays 10€

* 01 Feb, he pays 0€ (subscription is paused)

* 01 Mar, he pays 10€ again (he have consummed 15 days free (from 15Feb to 01Mar))

* 01 Apr, he pays 0€ (subscription is cancelled, here he paid until 01May but that is acceptable)


How this issue is handled by the paypal subscription system ?

An update of the documentation would be welcome (or tell me if I missed it ?)



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