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How long will a pending transaction take to cancel

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So I tried to purchase a shipping label through UPS on 9/12. I went into PayPal and did everything then when I got back to UPS it said their internal system won't accept the payment. So whatever, I stopped in store and did it instead.


Here it is almost a month later and UPS/PayPal is STILL holding my $21.04. Call UPS - they say PayPal has to cancel it. Call PayPal - they say UPS has to cancel it. Someone at UPS told me it would auto cancel after 10 business days. That didn't happen. Chatted with UPS again just now and they again say that PayPal need to cancel the auth.


How do I get my money?


How long will a pending transaction take to cancel


Hello @WLyon84,


Welcome to our community page and thank you for your post!


I understand that you want to cancel the pending authorization in your PayPal account. Any pending authorizations will get voided automatically after 30 days and any amount debited will be reversed back to your payment method. Since the order was placed on 9th September, you can wait till tomorrow to get this voided.


If the status still shows as pending after the time frame, please reach out to  our support team by clicking the contact us option at the bottom of PayPal page or DM us through our Twitter(@AskPayPal) and Facebook page for additional assistance.


I hope this information helps, have a great day!




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