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How do I pay with the new Paypal Debit Card (Not Cash card or business) on amazon?

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Hello! I have a paypal debit card I just recieved in the mail after losing my paypal cash card. It is a paypal debit card, not a cash card, as I found out, and even Amazon sees it differently, as a debit card, not a cash card.


I tried to make a transaction on Amazon recently with it, twice, the correct info inputted, and amazon keeps declining the purchase.


I am beginning to think amazon and paypal have a block on each other for newer cards, such as the paypal debit card.


I don't have a credit card or bank account, my account is in good standings, and my paypal side has enough funds for the purchase. In addition, paypal does not have any transactions or pending transactions with the charges or names that I just purchased.


Is this a known issue using a paypal debit card (not cash card) linked to your paypal account to make purchases on amazon? It works fine in stores...


Also can't apply for the business card or credit card from paypal.

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