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How do I make a payment of a specific PayPal Credit order?

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So I have £170 to pay off by the end of January on the 0% for 4 months promotion but when I make a payment it comes out of my other promotional offer which is a 24 month 0% payment plan with Samsung. How do I pay off the 4 month promotion specifically?

How do I make a payment of a specific PayPal Credit order?


Hi @Jacob279


Welcome to the Community! 


Our system automatically allocates the payments in a way that is most cost-effective for you.


Any additional payments will go towards the highest interest rate first, which is the retail balance purchases charged at 21.9% APR.


Once the balance of the retail purchases is cleared, additional payments will go towards the next highest interest rate, any instalment plans with an interest rate.


Finally, the system will allocate towards any 0% offers. Therefore, if you have several 0% offers, the system will clear the next expiring offer.


I understand that you want to clear the 0% offer; however, with the system allocating in this way, it will save you money. 


PayPal Credit is dedicated to being a responsible lender; we cannot change the way the payments are allocated. The system is designed to ensure you pay the least amount of interest, and as a responsible lender, we cannot proactively cause you to pay more interest than necessary.


I hope this clarifies your issue however if you need any more assistance, please get in touch with our PayPal Credit team directly, and we would be happy to discuss this with you further. 

Hopefully, this helps! 


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