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Help! New to PayPal

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I made a purchase on Argos using “Pay in 3” when I completed the first payment of £150 I wasn’t redirected back to Argos to complete order. £150 has already been taken from my bank and the payment says “pending” on PayPal, I haven’t received order confirmation from Argos either and it’s like nothing has been purchased! Is this normal and why has money been taken if it’s only pending! I’m new to PayPal but this doesn’t seem right at all!! Thanks

Help! New to PayPal


Hi @Adam5551,


Welcome to the PayPal Community and thank you for your post!


I do understand your concern with this. When you attempt to make a payment, the amount can be temporarily charged to your bank/card. This is an authorization charge. 

If the merchant (Argos) does not accept your order, the status of the payment will change to cancelled/voided. This will reflect in your PayPal Activity page. The temporary charge will be removed from your bank within 72 hours. This is normal practice for online payments, so no need to be worried if this happens again.


If you want the order to go through, I would suggest you contact Argos for further details. 


I hope this helps!


- Rachel 



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