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Has anybody else seen this message?

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Has anybody else seen this message when trying to pay for something through PayPal credit and know how to resolve it?; "You already have a PayPal credit account, and it's linked to different PayPal account. Please use another payment method to complete your purchase"

Has anybody else seen this message?


Hello @darcy37,


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I am sorry to know that you're facing issues while making a payment via PayPal Credit. Please be advised, occasionally whenever you send it will be validated through our security systems. If at all any risk found in the transaction the payment would be blocked or the payment source will get changed. Since, you're getting an error message, please reach out to our Concerned PayPal Credit team through the number found at the bottom of this FAQ in the answer to the last question for further assistance. Before you proceed, make sure to check your account to see if there are any suspicious activity and report it right away through the Resolution Center and change the password as the error message says that your PayPal Credit is linked to different PayPal account.


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