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Has Mass Pay / Payouts been removed

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Has Mass pay / Payout been dropped by PayPal? Clicking on any link for more details, or to contact PayPal to register for Payout simply takes you to the help centre.

I'm writing a script that enables users to create a mass pay (csv) file, and the docs say I need their primary email, the amount and the currency - which I have placed in my app. But then they don't tell you what to do with the file. (I could think of a few suggestions, along with PayPal's user interface which is full of dead links!)

I'm seriously thinking of telling users NOT to use the more expensive PayPal option for mass pay, and to use the cheaper "Wire" or "AirWallex" platforms where at least you get a real response from customer service.


Has Mass Pay / Payouts been removed

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Same issue here

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