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Edit address on Invoice

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In January, I became the treasurer of a small non-profit that includes an art gallery that uses PayPal Here. The gallery opened in a new location this week for the first time since the pandemic. When I look at transactions, the PayPal Here invoice header shows:


Nonprofit name

My name

Street address of previous location.


I'd like to remove my name and change the street address to the current location. Here's where I run into problems:

  • I don't see how to edit the template. There are three invoice templates in the account profile, but I don't see how to edit them.
  • The default template shows the previous treasurer's name, so it's not the same as what's being generated currently, so I don't know where the info for the invoice is being generated. 
  • If I create a new invoice from the template, there's a section for editing the business info, but the address is a dropdown menu. The default is the old location; and two entries for the PO Box. As far as I know, the old address isn't anywhere in the business profile.
  • One thought - it may be from the PayPal Here app. I don't work at the gallery, so I'm not sure what settings are on the app at the gallery.

Any suggestions?

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