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Credit file entry

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I requested support via Paypal Resolution Center, however they just closed the ticket down without any response, so hopefully I can get a proper response here.


I paid off my PayPal credit balance a few months ago, and changed my direct debit settings to pay off the full amount each month – intending to keep the balance at £0 if there ever was one.


I have just noticed a missed payment on my credit file despite setting up this direct debit; PayPal hasn't taken balance payments as instructed. I have gone in and manually paid the outstanding balance, and will re-submit the DD instruction AND check each month to ensure PayPal actually takes it – however, it feels like a misrepresentation of my reliability as a PayPal customer to have this mark on my credit file as a result. 


Please can this be removed from my credit report, as it is inaccurate and misleading.




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