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Can't link my PayPal with my new Samsung Phone - Google Wallet

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I had a Huawei P10 before. Linked my Paypal with my Wallet (Google Pay back then) so i can pay with my phone and the money would be deducted from my checking account within Paypal. Now i got a new phone, when i try to link it i get this message: 


I've searched the entire web and can't find a solution. I can freely add and remove PayPal on my old phone, but can't get it running on my Samsung. 
Any ideas? 

I also can't access Google Pay within my PayPal Wallet, it says "something went wrong".


Can't link my PayPal with my new Samsung Phone - Google Wallet


Hello @Valkyrja29

Thanks for joining the PayPal Community! 

I'm sorry you're having trouble linking your PayPal account to your new Google Wallet. If this is a brand-new device, there's a good chance our Security System thinks that you're not the one trying to connect the two accounts. To keep customers safe, our Security System reviews all activity that takes place on PayPal accounts to prevent unauthorized activity. If anything out of the ordinary happens, it may prevent the action. I recommend waiting around 48-72 hours before trying to link the accounts again. If you receive another error message, please reach out to Customer Service by clicking 'Contact' at the bottom of our website.

I hope this helps! 

- Meghan

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